Saturday, November 27, 2021

    How Facial Recognition Technology Is Preventing Goats From Incestuous Behaviour


    A farm in China has been developing facial recognition technology to stop goats from getting incestuous and to detect other issues. 

    Vert City Farm in Shanghai is set to test the technology next year, after having first started developing the system in 2019.

    The cameras are designed to recognise the goats’ characteristics, such as their exercise habits and behaviour. It also identifies physical attributes, from the livestock’s body shape and facial features, all to prevent them from getting intimate with their relatives.

    Facial Recognition For Goats in China (AsiaWire)AsiaWire

    Chairman of the farm’s board, Huang Zhen, noted how the cameras can also help owners look after the physical wellbeing of their animals.

    He told The Paper:

    The cameras can also recognise symptoms of diseases, including sore mouth and diarrhoea. It uses infrared to measure their body temperature and would alert the farm vets if a goat’s temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius.

    The cameras can also help detect when a goat is pregnant, South China Morning Post reports.

    Goats Facial Recognition China (AsiaWire)AsiaWire

    In order for the technology to work, goats will need to have a chip implanted in them. According to the Chongming government, so far, around 1,000 goats on the Vert City Farm have had chips installed to help test the technology.

    Based on the data, videos and images collected, farmers will be able to check up on any physical symptoms of illness that the goat may have, such as diarrhoea, or when a goat is ready to reproduce.

    Farmers will even be able to check statistics from their phones, rather than having to see the goats in person, saving them time and reducing workloads.

    Goat Facial Recognition China (AsiaWire)AsiaWire

    Facial recognition technology has previously been used on another animal earlier this year.

    Thousands of Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkeys were identified in the Qinling Mountain in Shaanxi province, central China, by a research team from the Northwest University in Xian.

    To identify each individual monkey, the technology analysed features of the animals’ faces.

    The developing facial recognition system for animals, which is still in its early stages of development, identified a total of around 200 monkeys in the mountain, helping conservation efforts.


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