Saturday, November 27, 2021

    How Did a Van End Up on Top of a Bus Station

    Plounéventer, a town in France’s Brittany region, awoke this week to an unusual sight: a white vehicle perched on top of a bus station.

    Imagine getting up early in the morning to catch the bus to work and discovering a car parked on top of the bus stop. It’s still late at night, there’s no one around, and there’s a car in the last location you’d expect to find one. It’s not a lost episode of The Twilight Zone, but what commuters in the French town of Plounéventer witnessed on Monday morning. Some took images of the white vehicle sitting atop the Place de l’Eglise bus stop and shared them on social media, where they rapidly went viral.

    Photo: Facebook

    The gendarmerie was contacted about the strange display at Plounéventer, and they snapped some images before removing the truck to avoid any unintended consequences. Despite identifying the vehicle’s owner, they couldn’t locate any evidence as to who or why had placed it atop the bus station. “It’s a complete mystery.” “We know who owns the truck, but we don’t know how or why it got there,” said captain Christophe Laval to French journalists.

    Photo: Facebook

    People on social media initially suspected a modern art piece created by a local artist or part of a unique marketing project, but the gendarmerie immediately confirmed that neither theory was realistic in this circumstance. They even went on Facebook to appeal for aid with leads in this puzzling case.

    For nearly a week, everyone was perplexed by the mystery of the van perched on top of the bus station, but yesterday, French media claimed that the case had finally been solved. As it turned out, there was no alcohol involved (as everyone anticipated), but rather a “business quarrel” between the van’s owner and the offender, apparently over the car itself. In a fit of rage, the culprit allegedly heaved the car onto the bus shelter using a pallet truck.

    Both the owner of the vehicle and the perpetrator were questioned, and the latter may face accusations of endangering others.

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