Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Hostages tied to car roofs as human shield in terrifying bank robbery

    Yuri Macri/Twitter

    Footage has emerged of bank robbers in Brazil making a getaway with hostages tied to their car roofs. 

    Terrifying reports came out of Araçatuba yesterday, August 29, after the city in the northwest of São Paulo state was reportedly invaded by an armed group, who are said to have robbed every bank in the area.

    ‘They blew up Banco do Brasil and made people a human shield. By the videos that are circulating, the city is in chaos. even dynamite they put in the streets,’ Yuri Macri, a reporter for RecordTV, tweeted.

    Macri has shared other clips of the group, including one of a member firing a handgun into the air. ‘God be with you all,’ he tweeted. In another clip, a robber throws a ‘pouch’ of money at a nearby homeless person.

    The most shocking video appears to show hostages tied to car roofs to prevent pursuing police officers from shooting at their vehicles. ‘On the run, the hostages were tied to the vehicles. Attempt to prevent any police counterattack on the group. God save these people and all of Araçatuba. All bank branches in the centre were raided – preliminary information,’ Macri wrote.

    Other videos also show the hostages, with Macri criticising the criminals for their ‘lack of humanity and empathy… these residents will be scarred for life with trauma’.

    The full circumstances of the group’s attack are unclear, although early reports indicate at least 50 criminals took aim at military police barracks before sweeping the city’s banks, as per Metro.

    Dilador Borges, the mayor of Araçatuba, told Rádio Bandeirantes that he’s currently in contact with police and the governor.


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