Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    Horror As ‘Spider-Man’ Attacks Staff In Shop


    Five people have been arrested following an altercation in London which saw a man dressed as Spider-Man hit a supermarket staff member.

    The incident occurred yesterday evening, July 22, at a store in Clapham, London, which saw several people dressed up in fancy dress involved in a brawl in Asda.

    In one video that surfaced online, an Asda staff member appears to be in a scuffle with a woman, before the man dressed as Spider-Man confronts the woman and calls her a b*tch.

    He then proceeds to hit the woman in the face, causing her to fall to the ground.

    In a separate video, the same individual, as well as a few others, can be seen attacking what looks to be a mix of members of staff, as well as other members of the public. The man dressed as Spider-Man can be seen hitting someone with a pole.

    Tagging Metropolitan Police in the video on Twitter, the video-sharer wrote, ‘Asda Clapham Junction. A bunch [of] thugs attacking colleagues, elderly and children. absolutely disgusting.’

    In the wake of the horrifying ordeal, five people have been arrested, News Shopper reports. According to police, six people were injured as a result.

    A spokesperson for the police said:

    We are aware of videos on social media appearing to show a disturbance at a supermarket in Clapham last night. Five people have been arrested and remain in custody.

    Six people were injured. Enquiries are ongoing and we ask anyone with footage to share it with police.

    According to the Twitter user who shared one of the videos, the group who were dressed up are known for causing havoc in supermarkets as ‘pranks’, but ‘in this case, they took it too far’.


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