Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Hilariously Accurate List Of Things That Are Embarrassing For Literally No Reason Whatsoever


    A hilariously accurate list of things that are embarrassing for no reason has just been written and everyone is relating to it. 

    The extensive list has 51 separate examples of things that are embarrassing for no reason whatsoever.

    It has clearly proved popular and relatable among followers as the thread now has over 177,000 likes and nearly 4,000 comments.

    Posted by the Instagram page, @sh*tyoushouldcareabout, which currently has 3.4 million followers, the thread is captioned ‘THE MOST RELATABLE THREAD WE’VE EVER MADE’.

    Hilariously Accurate List Of Things That Are Embarrassing For Literally No Reason Whatsoever (@shityoushouldcareabout/Instagram)@shityoushouldcareabout/Instagram

    Starting the list is ‘Walking towards someone you’re meeting up with’ before carrying on to list some more, everyday examples of fairly normal things that we all seem to cringe at.

    Some of the most hilariously relatable points include ‘Walking back after you’ve bowled’, ‘Having Happy Birthday sung to you’ and ‘Saying hi to someone at the supermarket & continuing to bump into them’.

    The list gets increasingly funnier with, ‘Getting hit by a car and being okay’ and ‘Running to get somewhere in normal clothes/a backpack’.

    The huge list ends on a high note with the final point simply being, ‘Existing’ following a tad less serious ‘Carrying a lunchbox’.

    Many followers took to the comments section to add to the already long list of things that are embarrassing for no reason.

    ‘Having to run after a piece of paper blowing away in the wind,’ commented one user.

    Another added, ‘Putting your suitcase in overhead locker’.

    ‘Walking up to an automatic door & it not opening,’ wrote a third.

    Whether you’re ‘Blowing your nose in public’ or ‘Taking too long to pack your groceries after you’ve paid’ it seems we’re all in the same boat for finding things extremely awkward and embarrassing for literally no reason at all.


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