Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Hilarious Moment Amazon Driver’s Failed Delivery Is Caught On Doorbell Camera


    A doorbell camera caught this Amazon driver’s hilarious failed delivery attempt. 

    A customer got a hilarious message from the delivery driver after he failed to properly hand over their package, and when they looked back through their doorbell camera footage, they realised just what had truly occurred.

    The Amazon driver looked like they had been swatting away an insect when the incident took place and you won’t believe where the package ended up.

    Amazon Delivery Gone Wrong - POV male hand holding new Amazon Prime cardboard parcel (Alamy)Alamy

    In the first video posted by TikToker Casey McPerry (@caseymcperry), a screenshot of a message from the driver can be seen. It reads: ‘Hi, this is your Amazon delivery driver. This sounds crazy but I accidentally threw a package on your roof. Do you have a ladder I can use?’

    McPerry then shared the footage from his wife, Danielle‘s, doorbell camera which shows the driver approaching the door, but then using his monitor and the packages to swat something away.

    However, in using the packages as a swatter, one then got lost from the man’s grip.

    @caseymcperry##fyp ##funny ##prime

    ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

    The post has since amassed over 763,000 views, 134,500 likes and 1144 comments, with other users taking to the TikTok in stitches over the poor delivery driver’s misfortune. One wrote: ‘He understood the assignment when I say help me hide my packages from my husband.’

    Another said: 

    Goes to special delivery notes *yeet package onto roof I enjoy a challenge*

    A third commented: ‘Amazon trucks are now gonna have ladders because of this.’

    Amazon Delivery Gone Wrong - Amazon Prime delivery vehicles as seen in Euclid, Ohio on August 11, 2019 (Alamy)Alamy

    Despite having to get a ladder themselves to retrieve the package, the TikToker reassured that the driver had in fact ‘made their day’.


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