Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Hilarious Examples of People With No Taste Who Perfectly Executed Their Ideas

    Nothing can prepare you for what you’re about to see here, and clearly, the designers of these items didn’t ask themselves this question either. However, we can’t fault them for their craftsmanship and skill, just their lack of judgment for aesthetics.

    It can be summed up best as the phrase ‘Awful Taste But Great Execution’ (ATBGE) based on the subreddit of the same name.

    #1 This “Litter” Decoration That’s Made For An Aquarium

    Image credits: InevitableCriticism

    #2 This “Up Cycled” Bathtub

    Image credits: hippolottaass

    #3 Bulbasaur Haircut

    Image credits: elmex_frotado2

    #4 This Reflected Pair Of Jeans I Found On R/Hmmm

    Image credits: SGII2

    #5 What Would You Call This Hairstyle? Because I’m At A Loss For Words Rn

    Image credits: joeyfromhackers

    #6 Jellyfish Hair

    Image credits: jrt5251

    #7 Orange County Museum Of Art

    Image credits: F-O

    #8 This Amazing Bed Frame

    Image credits: Masonjaruniversity

    #9 Now That’s How You Show Off A Tattoo

    Image credits: UnoDosMe

    #10 Yup. One Even Has A Filling

    Image credits: C_Centaur_

    #11 Anatomical Tartlets

    Image credits: TexasBitch19

    #12 Spine Candles

    Image credits: amifking

    #13 This Family Photo. Sure It’s The Kid’s Gonna Be Posting It R/Blunderyears In A Couple Years

    Image credits: newmoneyblownmoney

    #14 This “Pink Lemonade Lips” I Found On Instagram Makes Me Uncomfortable In A Herpes Kind Of Way

    Image credits: unitedkingdombaby

    #15 Moldy Fruit Made Out Of Gemstones (Source: @katieryankatieryan On Ig)

    Image credits: thedirtysouth1

    #16 This Rock With A Mouth In It

    Image credits: knotworx

    #17 Great Paint Job, Less Than Tasteful Color Palette

    Image credits: WideEyes369

    #18 Double-Sided Western Boots By Shayne Oliver

    Image credits: AdministrationSolid4

    #19 Hearse

    Image credits: jmdeherrera

    #20 Atleast You Will Never Have To Tell Anyone You Are Certifiable…

    Image credits: Testostacles

    #21 Crystal Basketball Chandelier

    Image credits: Xander395

    #22 Salarmy Of The Dead

    Image credits: Egevesel

    #23 Doge

    Image credits: st11es

    #24 Wicker Basket Toilet

    Image credits: DrewChrist87

    #25 Is It Tuesday Yet?

    Image credits: ProjectOcean

    #26 Slav Chess

    Image credits: Tribat_1

    #27 Pregnant, Christian Mermaids. Too Many Questions

    Image credits: unusuals86

    #28 A Subtle Conversation Piece

    Image credits: WinkTheFilthy

    #29 This… House?

    Image credits: saltysnatch

    #30 This Elvira Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

    Image credits: Justa_littlebee

    #31 This Kitchen In An $8.6m Home In The Atlanta Area.

    Image credits: rrrrrivers

    #32 Forever Unclean

    Image credits: DannyMThompson

    #33 Buff Sugestive Olaf Cake…

    Image credits: ARealShark

    #34 I Would Just Wear A Hair Net At This Point

    Image credits: mudki3p

    #35 Honey, Don’t Forget Your Jandals

    Image credits: mokoe101

    #36 These Wookie Shoes That My Brother Bought

    Image credits: NoahWilsonMagic

    #37 I Think They Are Cups? (Flair May Be Wrong)

    Image credits: _Ameliaa_

    #38 My Friend Went To A Wedding Where They Had A Guy Handing Out Martini Olives In A Bathtub Full Of Olives

    Image credits: devmikale

    #39 These Food Earrings

    Image credits: vProdigyyy

    #40 That Stool

    Image credits: cernovir

    #41 This Beard, Oh My God That Beard

    Image credits: dr_Kfromchanged

    #42 Found In A House That’s For Sale Nearby

    Image credits: ConfidentlyAsshole

    #43 So Creepy

    Image credits: beanjuicebrew

    #44 You’ve Heard Of Jorts Now Get Ready For The Jong

    Image credits: anustickl

    #45 I Saw The ATM Posts And I Thought Why Not Share This Gem From Mersin, Turkey

    Image credits: Ilich_R_Sanchez

    #46 I Feel This Belongs Here…

    Image credits: amberButtSquirt

    #47 You Thought Trumps Golden Toilet Was Gaudy? Behold!

    Image credits: TheSnakeTickler

    #48 This Day Of The Dead Costume

    Image credits: boxxkicker

    #49 Reverse Mermaid Tattoo

    Image credits: ffrozenffirefflame

    #50 Would Have Given The Creeps During Late Night Fridge Excursions.

    Image credits: corrodedremains

    #51 Fine China Envies This Decorative Toilet Bowl

    Image credits: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

    #52 This Rat Taxidermied As Gary Oldman’s Dracula.

    Image credits: rspewth

    #53 Tick Truck

    Image credits: Zexceed_9

    #54 Gucci Upside Down Glasses

    Image credits: eggeggs

    #55 Moss Chairs For Some Reason

    Image credits: FadedPariah

    #56 A Well Executed Monster Truck Dad Joke

    Image credits: LydiaAgain

    #57 Probly Wasnt Easy But…

    Image credits: O9HP

    #58 The Michael Trinity

    Image credits: whoisjuan

    #59 Cat Pack

    Image credits: Avangeloony

    #60 This Chair Sculpted From Wood

    Image credits: pengouin85

    #61 This.

    Image credits: ugurtoastking

    #62 This See-Through Stormtrooper Armour I Came Across On R/Starwars

    Image credits: IHateOtherRedditors

    #63 House Boat Car

    Image credits: Jezza_Jones

    #64 This Dude With A Cigg Outfit

    Image credits: orten_boi

    #65 I Saw The Tree Trunk ATM And I Had To Post The Pride And Glory Of Vienna Austria

    Image credits: mitzikatzi

    #66 You Think She Likes Doritos?

    Image credits: lildyllyo

    #67 This Is Being Sold On Fb Marketplace. It’s Masking Tape And Paper….

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #68 I See Your Tree ATM And Raise This Pink Elephant ATM

    Image credits: theskinsbro

    #69 When You Gotta Drop The Kids Off At Soccer At 6 But Be Part Of Vultron At 7

    Image credits: Johnson98520

    #70 These Adidas Shoes

    Image credits: Cgi22

    #71 I’ve Been Waiting For This Tuesday All Week. Behold- A Friend Of A Friend’s Tramp Stamp.

    Image credits: pinkat31522

    #72 This Is The Future Liberals Want (According To My Uncle).

    Image credits: GiantEnemaCrab

    #73 This Venus Flytrap Urinal

    Image credits: ral365

    #74 Seen In Hudson, Florida

    Image credits: PWPhotography

    #75 My Friend Found This In The Park And Set It In Resin. This Is The Result.

    Image credits: stuffedolivehead

    #76 Another Instagram Find…

    Image credits: splurgeoverthem

    #77 Are These Nikes… Or Crocs?

    Image credits: passport89

    #78 Technically Very Sound Tattoo, But…

    Image credits: graypupon

    #79 This Was On The Wall At A Coffee Shop.

    Image credits: saulswed

    #80 Imagine Getting Into A Fight With Someone And They Pull Out This Nightmare

    Image credits: Ichorice_Malign

    #81 Squid Glass 2

    Image credits: postmanmalone123

    #82 It Looks Like So Much Effort Was Put In For Something That Doesn’t Look Great

    Image credits: Goivacon

    #83 Does This Strike A Chord With Anyone?

    Image credits: antisymmetrics

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