Heroin addict turned university graduate transformation journey went viral

    Virginia ‘Ginny’ Burton got into drugs at the age of 6. She was a heroin addict for a very long time, remained homeless for years and even spent time in prison.

    But somehow, she battled her way back from the darkness and charted a success story for herself. Now, aged 48, she is a university graduate. Needless to say, her remarkable journey has gone viral.

    Burton was first introduced to drugs when she was 6. By the time she was 23, she started doing heroin, according to reports.

    Her severe addiction took a toll on her personal life and she was homeless for several years.

    The 48-year-old, who is now a Political Science graduate from the University of Washington in Seattle, shared two pictures of herself on Facebook last month, and also explained, in brief, the battles she fought to become successful.

    The first picture showed her at the peak of her addiction, while the other showed her wearing her graduation gown and cap.

    Her post reads: “How about that for motivation?  I honestly thought I’d die on a park bench with a needle in my arm or by a gunshot to the head. I would’ve never in a million years thought my life would look the way it does today.”

    It continues: “Stop selling yourself short. You don’t know what tomorrow might bring so you might consider starting today.”

    The post now has over 7,500 shares,



    The inspirational post was also picked up by several media houses and Facebook groups, who all congratulated Burton forn turning her life around.

    In a follow-up post, Burton thanked her well-wishers for their love and support.

    “Most of my journey was not graceful, however, it has been beautiful and TREMENDOUSLY painful. But, I would not change a moment of it. This is just the beginning for me. I share openly so others know there is hope for them to change,” she wrote.

    She further explained that she didn’t come from a wealthy family and lost her parents to ‘health problems associated with lifestyle choices’.

    She then revealed her own siblings were fighting their own battles of survival in their own way.

    Today, Burton is involved with a non-profit organisation which has helped her in many ways.

    Towards the end of the post, she wrote: “I truly hope you find something that makes you want to try something new, something different. There are many of us out here that want to provide a hand up.”

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