Girl Finds Out Her Boyfriend Who She Thought Died 7 Years Ago Is Actually Alive


    A TikToker has uploaded a jaw-dropping video containing a truly bizarre and upsetting dating story from her teens.

    When she was just 14, TikTok user k.jewel5 met a guy who she ended up dating. He lived in New York, making dating tricky, but the young couple decided to make it work long-distance anyway.

    However, six months into the romance, the pair ended up getting into a ‘big fight’, no doubt the sort which anyone who has ever been in a teenage relationship will be able to recall all too well.

    Check it out below:

    @k.jewel5I wish I was lying.. ##onlyme ##fyp ##mylife ##idkanymore ##men ##truestory ##2021 ##why

    ♬ my audio yellow – 𝒷♡

    The young couple didn’t speak for three days, which of course wouldn’t have been anything out of the ordinary. However, it was at this point that things took an unexpected turn…

    The TikToker, who is now 20 years old, said:

    It turned out he was in the hospital cuz he got stabbed. He fell into a coma and then one day I got a call that he died. That was six/seven years ago.

    Two days ago he posted a picture of him and his bf.

    In a follow-up vid, k.jewel5 revealed that she had ‘cried’ after seeing her former boyfriend and his new love, remarking that they looked ‘so happy’ together’.

    Admitting that her grief had ‘affected every relationship’ since, she decided to contact him to get answers, writing:

    I saw your story. Please answer. I loved you for seven years. Dave please answer me.

    @k.jewel5how he responded… ##storytime ##lies ##heartbroken💔 ##viral ##TikTokGGT ##originalsound ##idkanymore ##fypsounds ##fypシ ##mylife ##truestory ##why

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    Sadly, k.jewel5’s former boyfriend has so far left her ‘on open’, and at the time of writing hasn’t attempted to explain himself or why k.jewel5 was allowed to believe he was dead for so long. Here’s hoping she gets the closure she seeks soon.


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