Gamer Shows Off Wii Bowling Ball We Never Knew Existed

    Think you were a pro at Wii Sports? Think again, because you probably didn’t have this bowling ball accessory. 

    Back in 2006, Wii-mania took over the world. Families and friends went head-to-head at tennis, bowling, golf, boxing and baseball, with fiery emotions, triumphs and countless TVs shattered by flung remotes.

    Even today, it holds up as a fun game. However, were you a casual Wii player, or were you among the hardcore who owned a full-on bowling ball?

    Check out the bowling ball in the video below: 

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    ♬ Wii Sports (Theme) – Blue Brew Music

    TikTok user @jmjustin6 showed off CTA Digital’s Bowling Ball, with adjustable holes for any size of finger. There’s no electrics, it’s just a plastic ball with two wrist straps and buttons to operate the remote after it’s placed inside.

    When it was first released, the manufacturers pitched it as ‘turning every Wii experience into a perfect 300… this ultra-realistic accessory allows you to mimic all the critical motions a striking performance requires’.

    The ball weighs just more than 1lb, so you can have ‘all of the fun, without the fatigue’ of a real ball. Of course, there’s a key difference: like the remote, you shouldn’t let the ball go.

    Did you own the Wii bowling ball? (@jmjustin6/TikTok)@jmjustin6/TikTok


    Since being posted, the TikTok has amassed more than three million views, with thousands of comments from people who’d never seen such an accessory before. ‘This was a thing… I needed this when I was younger I’m upset now,’ one user wrote. ‘I thought I was a pro with the diamond ball,’ another commented.

    Many Wii-owners also had the cheap accessory pack, with golf clubs and bats you could attach to the end of the remote – but this is a different league. ‘No game will ever go as hard as Wii bowling,’ one wrote.

    Catch this strike, chump!


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