Monday, January 24, 2022

    Friends drag a deceased comrade from his coffin and take him on one final horrific motorcycle trip

    A group of friends dug up a man’s corpse to take him out on “one last” motorcycle ride.

    Erick Cedeno’s pals claim to have received permission from his parents for his funeral in Ecuador, to remove him from his coffin, to carry out the strange act.

    Reports say around seven men are shown surrounding a motorcycle, as a lifeless body is hoisted up onto the passenger seat.

    The men have recorded cheering and waving their arms with excitement, the body flops onto the driver’s back.

    Another man was seen clinging to the corpse tightly, before the motorcycle takes off.

    The group of men claim that they wanted to pay tribute to their friend and say goodbye “as they should” with the trip and also sprayed alcoholic beverages on the coffin, La Republica reports.

    Erick Cedeno’s coffin.Erick Cedeno’s coffin was exhumed by a group of his friends (Image: Jam Press)

    The 21-year-old passed away last weekend after he was reportedly shot while on the way to a loved one’s funeral.

    Police said that “this is the first time this has happened” in the city and described it as “an aberrant and unhealthy activity.”

    None of the people who took the body has been detained by authorities.

    An investigation has not been opened into the incident as the funeral is considered a private event and there have been no complaints.

    Erick Cedeno’s body driven away on the motorbike (Image: Jam Press)

    In some parts of the world, digging up the dead is customary to take care of deceased relatives and friends.

    Families in Toraja in the highlands of South Sulawesi, traditionally exhume the bodies of their dead relatives and friends once a year to reunite with them in an annual celebration called Ma’nene.

    Even the bodies of babies and children are dug up to celebrate the ritual that lasts for three days, the Metro reports.

    The families open the coffins and let the bodies dry before they wash, groom and dress up the mummies in new fancy clothes and take them for a walk through the village.

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