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    Former Athlete Explains The Olympic Village Sex Etiquette

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    Former Olympian Susen Tiedtke has opened up about the sex etiquette at the Olympic Games. 

    Ahead of Tokyo 2020 kicking off, US runner Paul Chelimo shared photos of the cardboard beds in this year’s Olympic village, supposedly ‘aimed at avoiding intimacy among athletes’. Japanese organisers also ordered 160,000 condoms so athletes can safely sleep together.

    The ‘anti-sex’ beds quickly spread online, prompting Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan to clear up the myth and the organisers to actually thank him for doing so. Now, according to Tiedtke, there’s always plenty of hanky panky at the games.

    The Olympic village beds in Tokyo. (PA Images)PA Images

    Tiedtke earlier represented Germany in the long jump at the 1992 Olympic Games, where she finished eighth, and the 2000 Olympics, where she finished fifth.

    In a new interview with Bild, the former Olympian spoke about the ‘sex ban’ – which isn’t technically accurate, as the organisers have just asked people to minimise contact to prevent any spread of COVID-19.

    ‘The sex ban is a big laughingstock for me, it doesn’t work at all. Sex is always an issue in the village. The athletes are at their physical peak at the Olympics. When the competition is over, they want to release their energy. After the competition, however, roommates were considerate if you needed the room for yourself,’ she explained.

    Susen Tiedtke. (PA Images)PA Images

    ‘You always heard the ‘party’ of the others, sometimes you could hardly sleep. There is one party after another, then alcohol comes into play. It happens that people have sex and there are enough people who strive for that,’ Tiedke added.

    While she was competing, coaches told her sex before the day of an event wasn’t wise, because ‘when you have sex, the body first has to recharge itself energetically.’

    Olympic condoms are always hot in demand at the games, and were first given out to competitors in Seoul in 1988. In 2016, 450,000 condoms were given out to athletes in Rio.

    While officials may not be overly keen on athletes getting together, it appears it’s unlikely it’ll stop anybody. ‘There’s a lot of sex going on. I’ve seen people having sex right out in the open. On the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty,’ US goalie Hope Solo said back in 2012.


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