Saturday, November 27, 2021

    First ever Bald Fest – To celebrate everything bald

    The goal of ‘Bald-Fest’ is to eliminate the stigma and fear associated with hair loss in America. This is due to the fact that the country’s hair loss statistics are not encouraging.

    Millions of men and women throughout the world are terrified of going bald if they notice signs of a receding hairline or begin to lose hair.

    However, many people welcome and adjust to their new appearance, and they also tell others about how the natural process must be dealt with emotionally.

    Some people regard baldness as a fashion opportunity. Then there are those that believe in transforming the negative view of bald persons into something positive.

    Rami Even-Esh, a rapper from the United States, has organised a festival to honour persons who are either entirely bald or are losing their hair.

    Rami, also known professionally as Kosha Dillz, told the New York Post that his ‘Bald-Fest’ is a ‘celebration of owning your own fate.’

    “Bald Fest is a celebration of taking control of your own destiny. People who are bald, have receding hairlines, are bald, have Alopecia, are bald allies, or own a bald-owned business “According to the 40-year-old,

    “It’s the inverse of fashion week. The bald fest would celebrate what people don’t have – namely, hair “He continued.

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