Fascinating Photos Of Rarely Seen Things

    We often forget what a wondrous world we live in. While getting caught up in our hectic schedules makes us oblivious to things around us, today we’re gonna zoom in on the unseen and unnoticed side of things.

    So welcome to this amusing collection of the most fascinating and rarely seen objects, beings, places, occurrences, and everything that will bring out that inner curious child we have inside.

    #1 Amazing Jimbacrinus Crinoid Fossils

    Image credits: Tom Kapitany

    #2 Horses On A Plane

    #3 Spotted A Rainbow Cloud From My Balcony. Not As Beautiful As Aurora But Pretty Rare To See Such Phenomena In India

    Image credits: Readingislove

    #4 We Got These Giant Screws In At Work Today For Mounting Solar Panels

    Image credits: smokeymctokerson

    #5 Nappies In Sweden Have A Father On The Packaging

    Image credits: caspii2

    #6 This Is What Sunset Looks Like From Space

    Image credits: Astro_Alex

    #7 Sendai Daikannon, One Of The Tallest Statues In The World

    Image credits: ko_ref

    #8 The Sun Hit This Freshly-Paved Tarmac Just Right And Made A Real-Life Rainbow Road Through Polarized Lenses

    Image credits: kenziemonsterrawr

    #9 The Density Of Penguin Feathers

    Image credits: BaconKoen

    #10 My Dad Got A Periodic Table With The Actual Elements In It

    Image credits: Thatssomefreakyshit

    #11 Here Are My Removed & Genetically Modified White Blood Cells, About To Be Put Back In To Hopefully Cure My Cancer

    This Is T-Cell Immunotherapy

    Image credits: sarahjewel

    #12 In Case You Have Not Seen What A Clump Of Dna Looks Like

    Image credits: ssmunif

    #13 The Prongs Weren’t Cut On This Fork

    Image credits: redrum993

    #14 414-Pound Gorilla On The Exam Table

    Image credits: zoomiami

    #15 These Tumbleweeds That Piled Up In Front Of My Brother’s House

    Image credits: kevincennis

    #16 Not A Painting – Just An Iceberg Flipped Upside Down

    #17 Giant Puffball Mushroom My Sister Found In The Woods

    Image credits: kfranky

    #18 Giant 13’ Tall Mounds Of Broken Glass Outside Of A Glass Manufacturer

    Image credits: Fourtires3rims

    #19 When My Cat Got Spayed, The Shaved Area Grew Back Chocolate Coloured

    Image credits: arthurdentstowels

    #20 This Huge Tree In Cairo

    #21 This Device Is Used To Measure Lengths On Maps. Simply Roll It Along Streets You Want To Use And It Tells You The Distance

    Image credits: Trizocbs

    #22 When It’s Cold Enough To See The Melody

    Image credits: Kathrin Swoboda Photography

    #23 My Cactus Has Grown A Strange-Looking Flower

    Image credits: 7-methyltheophylline

    #24 My Passport Is From No Single Country

    Image credits: alaskafish

    #25 Gold Spanish Coins From The Era Of Piracy

    Image credits: CognaCactus

    #26 This Pencil Store In Tehran, Iran

    #27 Astronaut Bruce McCandless Floating Away From The Safety Of The Space Shuttle

    He had nothing but his manned maneuvering unit keeping him from drifting into the unknown. First person in history to do something like this.

    Image credits: nasa.gov

    #28 My Nails Pushing The Chemo Out Of My Fingertips

    Image credits: llowreyy

    #29 My M&Ms Sank But The Ms Stayed Behind

    Image credits: DorothyDrawz

    #30 This Diseased Leaf That Looks Pixilated

    Image credits: Kraynix

    #31 Finally Got My Prosthetics In

    Image credits: Rewster27

    #32 The Bottom Of A Sulcata Tortoise Foot

    Image credits: Syseru

    #33 This Apple’s Flesh Is The Same Colour As It’s Skin

    Image credits: KirasStar

    #34 This Albino Peacock I Saw In Malaysia

    Image credits: PepeTheFRQG

    #35 Bioluminescent Phytoplankton In The Persian Gulf

    Image credits: hayati.photography

    #36 A Hand Of A Koala

    Image credits: verdachteaugurk

    #37 I Found These Crystals At The Bottom Of A Bottle Of Maple Syrup That Sat In The Back Of My Refrigerator For A Few Years

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #38 This Flower “Scar” I Was Left With After Having An Allergic Reaction To Henna

    Image credits: imsomewhathuman

    #39 I Got To Meet A Zorse At A Farm Near My House

    Image credits: bgjorge123

    #40 These Bills From The Bank Are Still Connected

    Image credits: hgs25

    #41 $12,000 Worth Of Cancer Pills

    Image credits: WITCHFlNDER-GENERAL

    #42 I Bought Some Suspiciously Perfect Bananas Yesterday

    Image credits: paigebennettblack

    #43 Someone At My Work Did A Perfect Circle Burnout

    Image credits: strawberry0sunrise

    #44 A Clear Water Flooded A Town In The Philippines

    Image credits: kim.fang.71

    #45 This Butterfly With Transparent Wings

    Image credits: flightoffancy85

    #46 Customer Brought In A 1934 Thousand Dollar Bill. After Ten Years In Banking Finally Got To See One In Person

    Image credits: 3BirbsInARainCoat

    #47 Ants Gutted My Almond To Make Their Own Almond Flour

    Image credits: Buford-T-Justis

    #48 Car Struck By Lightning

    “Here is some cool patina. While driving back to my house Saturday night my car was struck by lightning. It was freaking awesome I couldn’t see or hear anything for about 2 minutes. The next morning I looked at my car and saw this. Not only did it burn the paint it bubbled the metal. I sealed it with epoxy so I can keep it forever too bad this is on my Honda Fit. I figured when the car is junk I’m going to cut it out and hang it on the shop wall.”

    Image credits: Tristan Smith

    #49 What A Piece Of 10,000-Year-Old Glacial Ice Looks Like

    Image credits: landofice

    #50 Ice Eggs – This Rare Phenomenon Occurs When Ice Is Rolled Over By Wind And Water (Northern Finland)

    Image credits: rismatti

    #51 Maybe It’s Just A Very Small Room?

    Image credits: mitchysuch

    #52 The Back Of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

    Image credits: rataktaktaruken

    #53 My Whole Life Was A Lie

    Image credits: svgeurope.org

    #54 Train Driver

    Image credits: cyanidium

    #55 Jupiter And Saturn Alignment From Italy

    Image credits: DeniseDBernstein

    #56 This Perfectly Square Rock I Found At The Beach

    Image credits: kharingin

    #57 The Difference Three Months Of Hardcore Chemotherapy Makes

    Image credits: DoYouDestinyBrah

    #58 Huge Underground Salt Mine In Romania

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #59 My Iris Has Rings In It

    Image credits: 6 days ago

    #60 This Is What Roughly ~$17,000 In Gold Looks Like

    Image credits: CRM2018

    #61 An Orange Turtle Found In The Vietnamese Jungle

    #62 This Kiwi With Just One Seed

    Image credits: AnnaTrier

    #63 I Found A Fake Grocery Store Inside A Factory That They Use To Test Their Product

    It has carts, a deli, a fresh produce section, even properly packaged “Meats”. The attention to detail in this place is really eerie.

    Image credits: Rhettledge

    #64 Inside A Concrete Truck

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #65 This Man Has The Rarest Blood Type In The World, Known As Rh-Null

    It’s known as the Golden Blood Type because of its rarity, being found in only 43 people throughout all of recorded human history.

    Image credits: thenewsminute.com

    #66 A Corona Patient Being Moved In Seoul. Picture Of An Era

    Image credits: darthricky

    #67 In Case Y’all Have Never Seen An Obese Axolotl Before

    Image credits: c00lbeans69

    #68 This Spider Managed To Spin A Web That Holds Water

    Image credits: zanyman23

    #69 This Lizard I Found “Standing” On Water In My Pool

    Image credits: bastard_jon_snoo

    #70 Daughter Found The Largest Blackberry I’ve Ever Seen

    Image credits: TheQiwiMan

    #71 The Candles On My Buddies Cake Had Different Colored Flames

    Image credits: O9HP

    #72 Bought This Clock That Requires Four C Batteries And They Meet At An Angle Instead Of End-To-End

    Image credits: chelbski-willis

    #73 I Found A Lizard With 2 Tails In My Driveway This Morning

    Image credits: TheFlyngLemon

    #74 Found A Moose Tooth In The Creek

    Image credits: sugar36spice

    #75 I’m Partially Blind In My Left Eye. It Doesn’t Show Any “Red-Eye” In Photos

    Image credits: Nightmareshella

    #76 Mosaics Of A Roman Villa Were Found Under A Vineyard In Negrar, Italy

    Image credits: ComunediNegrar

    #77 A Korean News Program Actually Filming On The Top Of The Building Instead Of Using A Green Screen

    Image credits: Quoc Trung Bui

    #78 An Incredibly Intact Crinoid Specimen Fossil Dating Back To About 345 Million Years Ago

    Image credits: GHMinerals

    #79 Known As The Highway To Heaven – I-80 In Wyoming

    Image credits: gurudeep47

    #80 Truck Door Handle On A Frosty Morning

    Image credits: demanded101

    #81 I Lost 170 Lbs, Then Had 9lbs Of Excess Skin Removed. My Scars Make Me Look Like An Irl Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Image credits: Alisonpv

    #82 The Spinal Column Of A Transparent Shark Fetus

    Image credits: HotDamnGeoff

    #83 Highway To Heaven. 30-Second Long Exposure Of Airliner Departing From Runway

    Image credits: Jimmy_Scrambles

    #84 Spare Lightbulbs On Airplanes

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #85 Inside Of The Partially Sunken Ship Costa Concordia

    Image credits: Jonathan Danko Kielkowski

    #86 A Pistachio Plant

    #87 This Hotel Descends Down The Side Of A Cliff, So The Elevator Floors Are In Negatives

    Image credits: smissingham

    #88 The Stitches In My Eye After My Cornea Transplant

    Image credits: MOTPeng44

    #89 The Color Of My Kitten’s Foot Is Split Down The Middle

    Image credits: TheAbominableRex

    #90 My Pill Is A Pill Of Pills

    Image credits: themadscientwist

    #91 Sailing Yacht A Seen In Gibraltar Today

    Image credits: alanesmizi

    #92 My Airplane Bathroom Had A Window In It

    Image credits: drewsoulman

    #93 Office Building That’s Inside, But Looks Like It’s Outside

    Image credits: Lolagurl

    #94 A Person Wearing A Full-Face Prosthetic Mask To Evade CCTV And Facial Recognition

    Image credits: Leonardo Selvaggio

    #95 Do You Know How The World Map Looks In Australia?

    Image credits: manywaystoseetheworld.org

    #96 Just When You Thought You’d Seen Everything – Here’s Snowball, An Extremely Rare Leucistic Alligator

    Image credits: nathan.sweeting

    #97 This 5-Inch Moth We Found In Our House Yard Today

    Image credits: Peppatree

    #98 This Cat’s Markings Make It Look Like It’s Nose Is Missing

    Image credits: FCPGA

    #99 My Hair Is Half Blonde Half Brunette. Including Eyebrows

    Image credits: Sunflowely

    #100 This Red Only Rainbow I Saw At Midnight In Finland

    Image credits: junn0

    #101 Bone Cancer In A Snake Skeleton

    Image credits: GrumpiestSnail

    #102 This Abandoned Glass Furnace

    Image credits: candf8611

    #103 This Close Up Shot Of A Dragonfly I Took With My Phone The Other Day

    Image credits: UltraBloodWing

    #104 Vitiligo

    Image credits: ZooATL

    #105 The Different Colors Of The Honey I Harvested This Year: Spring, Summer And Fall

    Image credits: Zig-Zag

    #106 The Surgeon Gave Back To Me The Plate And Screws He Removed From My Clavicle

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #107 For All The People Who Have Never Seen Fully Healed Burn Scars, These Are What They Look Like (Excuse The Scratches)

    Image credits: slumpyballs

    #108 This Vending Machine Sells Pringles In A Packet

    Image credits: jetchalk

    #109 This Is A Coke Bottle Before Expanding Into The Normal Size Bottle

    Image credits: kctrem

    #110 I Accidentally Left A Bowl Of Beet Juice On The Counter And The Top Layer Rippled

    Image credits: ThePhantomDullbooth

    #111 Sugar Crystal That Formed At The Bottom Of My Maple Syrup

    Image credits: Velleity-

    #112 I Found A Ping Pong Ball Under My Basement Sofa That Is Elevated By Spider Cobwebs

    Image credits: DoodleTheDude

    #113 I Own A Plexiglass Longboard

    Image credits: soup-my-life

    #114 This Cool Pyramid House I Drove By

    Image credits: Scoperzot

    #115 The Scar On My Hand Stays Clean, No Matter How Dirty My Hands Are

    Image credits: towelflush

    #116 I Had 16 Clear Stitches On My Eyeball From A Cornea Transplant When This Pic Was Taken And The Way The Light Hits It You Can See Each One

    Image credits: cnjacksonbray

    #117 These Giant Screws Used As Foundations For Solar Panel Arrays

    Image credits: AndyTarou

    #118 A Radiation Pill My Mom Had To Take

    Image credits: dalleebabee

    #119 This Rock I Found On Chesil Beach, UK, Is Perfectly Round

    Image credits: Of_The_Ocean_

    #120 The UK Is Full Of Charming Crinkle Crankle Garden Walls

    In England you sometimes see these “wavy” brick fences. And curious as it may seem, this shape uses fewer bricks than a straight wall. A straight wall needs at least two layers of bricks to make it sturdy, but the wavy wall is fine thanks to the arch support provided by the waves.

    Image credits: praxis_builders

    #121 Certain Fish Skin Can Be Grafted Onto Burns And Diabetic Wounds. The Material Recruits The Body’s Own Cells And Is Converted Eventually Into Living Tissue

    Image credits: QueenMuda

    #122 Floating Natural Ice Rings In My Hometown

    Image credits: 92EarlG

    #123 The Newly Discovered Bhupathy’s Purple Frog Spends Nearly Its Entire Adult Life Underground – But Its Tadpoles Spend Four Months Suctioned To Cliffs Behind Waterfalls

    Image credits: Jegath Janani

    #124 In Case You Haven’t Seen Spider Feet Up Close

    Image credits: Michael Pankratz

    #125 The Ring Mirror In My Hotel Bathroom Reflects Differently Off My Glasses Since Each Eye Has Its Own Prescription

    Image credits: Nukemarine

    #126 I Have Partial Heterochromia In Both Eyes

    Image credits: laney-rene

    #127 This Knot On Our Door Glows Red When The Sun Shines On The Other Side

    Image credits: WalkingCloud

    #128 Two Roses Are Growing Out Of The Dying Remains Of The Other Rose

    Image credits: Tartan_Unicorn

    #129 This Spider Changed His Skin Several Times In The Same Spot

    Image credits: reshilongo

    #130 Rare Dolphins With No Dorsal Fins

    Image credits: Chile Today

    #131 Severed A Nerve In My Index Finger. Half My Finger Can No Longer Prune

    Image credits: WhiskeyForElephants

    #132 Spotted A Squirrel With Unusual Coloring

    Image credits: cvbecker

    #133 My Hair And Eyelashes Are Naturally Split Into Blonde And Brunette

    Image credits: curtaincup

    #134 This Stripe I Have On My Left Iris

    Image credits: CrazyQueen502

    #135 This Majestic Emerald Mallard

    Image credits: reddit.com

    #136 Apparently Tesla Has Hearses

    Image credits: IsThisGlenn

    #137 These Steel Pennies From The Copper Shortage During WWII

    Image credits: ImNiceGuySmile

    #138 The Massive “Round Door” Rolls Royce

    Image credits: justacarguy

    #139 100 Of Each: Mutilated Bills, Bills In Circulation, And Brand New

    Image credits: AlpiGusto

    #140 This Is What A Beaver Dam Looks Like

    Image credits: yeet12243

    #141 I Found A Leaf With Only Its Vein System Left

    Image credits: escaped_reality

    #142 Two-Headed Rose On My Bush

    Image credits: braaaiiinns

    #143 An Adult Ocean Sunfish Compared To Them At Birth

    Image credits: RTG-rohittugaya

    #144 This House Built In 1947 Has A Built In Seat For Their Telephone Nook

    Image credits: boho_chic

    #145 This Big Old Padlock I Found At Work

    Image credits: ibenry101088

    #146 This Cedar Wood I Was Cutting Is Purple Inside

    Image credits: Finn1118

    #147 This Cold Weather Phenomenon Today In Fairbanks, Alaska

    Image credits: CheesePlank

    #148 Beautiful Elephant Hawk Moth Found In My Garden, UK

    Image credits: danit23

    #149 My Job Still Uses Floppy Disks

    Image credits: demiraca

    #150 This Morning There Was A Swan In My Swimming Pool

    Image credits: Walkyou

    #151 My Spaghetti Was Tangled

    Image credits: homicidal_turtle

    #152 The Longest Curly Fry I’ve Ever Seen In My Life

    Image credits: deeritz1pride

    #153 I Saw The End Of A Rainbow

    Image credits: NOwallsNOworries

    #154 Pencil Lead Without The Wood Covering

    Image credits: skz_ciity

    #155 Inside Of A Fresh Cacao Pod

    Image credits: notixeable

    #156 All The Seeds In The Bottom Of My Bird Feeder Sprouted

    Image credits: okayikes

    #157 I Had A Cornea Transplant And Have Stitches In My Eye

    Image credits: gm4n22

    #158 The Color Change Between My Horse’s Summer And Winter Coat Is Neat

    Image credits: PaperPonies

    #159 This Beautiful Pigeon I Found In My Apartment

    Image credits: epiphany_21

    #160 The Magenta Flame From This Lighter

    Image credits: conceptualize-this

    #161 How A Tree Is Cut Into Planks

    Image credits: Normipoikkeus

    #162 I Work At An Asparagus Farm And Sometimes 2 Asparagus Will Grow Too Close To One Another And Form A Bigger One

    Image credits: yeet12243

    #163 This Is What 10€ (11 USD) Look Like In Uzbek Currency (120.000 S’om)

    Image credits: NilsMemes06

    #164 Minneapolis Has A Chemical-Free Public Pool. It Is Filtered With Aquatic Plants

    Image credits: MurphShoots

    #165 The Forests Of Aspen, Colorado

    Image credits: d3333p7

    #166 This Ridiculously Large Lemon From A Friend’s Tree. Dog For Scale

    Image credits: BirdWatchinBarb

    #167 The Inside Of An IKEA Desk Top

    Image credits: Insanim8er

    #168 Look At This Perfect Tomato

    Image credits: nyiibigoa

    #169 Aerial View Of A Dead Volcano Which Erupted 4500 Years Ago

    Image credits: thomyorkeftw

    #170 Just A Few Fighter Jets Flying Over Sweden In The Shape Of A Christmas Tree

    Image credits: razorWatchBoy

    #171 Melted Some Beer Cans And Made A Shiny Rock

    Image credits: noonelikesyou2

    #172 I Was Once Gifted A Solid Bar Of Copper

    Image credits: InfinitelyMobius

    #173 A Misprinted Penny I Found

    Image credits: Boy_Decent

    #174 My Coworkers Feet After A Cab Rode Over Them

    Image credits: DropRollSports

    #175 I Cashed Out Some Money And The Banknotes Have Ascending Serial Numbers

    Image credits: Gibek2600

    #176 A Southern Leopard Frog On A Plain-Bellied Water Snake

    Image credits: PessimisticSnake

    #177 These Ultra Fluffy Caterpillars That Appeared In My Garden

    Image credits: gimnastic_octopus

    #178 A Ram When It’s Horns Haven’t Curled Around

    Image credits: Wilagorn

    #179 Squirrel With A Blonde Tail

    Image credits: AcadianMan

    #180 My Iris Is Misshaped But No Known Eye Problems After 25 Years

    Image credits: EmikaBrooke

    #181 This Brass Plated Fire Hydrant Outside A Fancy Hotel

    Image credits: bunny4e

    #182 My Dad’s Medication Looks Like Shrek

    Image credits: kiarni

    #183 I Passed An Erupting Volcano On My Flight Yesterday

    Image credits: cameranerd

    #184 This Baby Grasshopper Army In My Friend’s Garden

    Image credits: atomos-kairos

    #185 Carpet Patterned Street

    Image credits: serdarist

    #186 This Geyser Right Before It Blows

    Image credits: DreamLanding_RL

    #187 The Stray Cat Near My Workplace Has Very Unique Eyes That Look Like Gemstones

    Image credits: 17-03

    #188 Mt. Fuji Today – Rare Lenticular Cloud

    Image credits: jpba1352

    #189 A Glass That Broke Vertically

    Image credits: mind_repair_tech

    #190 An Albino Turlte I Saw On My Vacation In Sri Lanka

    Image credits: mouthfulloflemons

    #191 My Vitiligo Has Turned Half Of My Upper Eyelashes White

    Image credits: TheRakishRaconteur

    #192 This Archaeological Wall Of Ingravings I Found While Hiking

    Image credits: MohammadJacob

    #193 This Case With 1 Million Dollars In $20 Bills At The Chicago Fed Money Museum

    Image credits: IAmASimulation

    #194 This Brightly Coloured Cinnabar Moth

    Image credits: crazycockerels

    #195 The Thorn That’s Been Traveling Through My Fingernail Since July 18 Completed Its Journey Today

    Image credits: dusty_trendhawk

    #196 I Have Hyperhidrosis, Which Means My Hands And Feet Sweat A Lot. This Is How My Hands Usually Look

    Image credits: Najam99

    #197 Taking Quotes For A New Neon Sign For The Bar I Work At And One Of The Companies Brought Their Neon Pallet

    Image credits: dickranger666

    #198 This Very Old Bottle Of Cocaine We Found In My Pharmacy

    Image credits: vomitonmeplease

    #199 They Let Me Keep My Old Pacemaker After Surgically Replacing It

    Image credits: SpiffyArmbrooster

    #200 Covid Vaccine Being Delivered Via Ice Cream Trucks And Police Escort To A Hospital

    Image credits: zolfagariMD

    #201 My New Meds Are Ball-Shaped

    Image credits: SharpieDarpie

    #202 Worlds Largest Dragline Bucket. Moved 650,000 Lbs Per Scoop. Dog For Scale

    Image credits: gtr_shrkmedic

    #203 This .50 Piece That Was Engraved With A Mask To Commemorate 2020

    Image credits: BrainVirus

    #204 My Dog’s Spotted Skin Revealed By His Allergy Test Shave

    Image credits: supernormal

    #205 A Very Rare Tridge

    Image credits: Cool_GUy_Urbex

    #206 Went To See A Volcano That Is Only A Couple Of Kilometres Away From My Home. This Volcano Has Been Erupting For The Past Months In Iceland

    Image credits: Johanngunnar

    #207 My Mom’s 100% Thrifted Uranium Glass Collection Under Black Light

    Image credits: alaaaaanna

    #208 My Son’s Watercolors Got Left In The Sun, And They Shrunk Into Round Balls

    Image credits: studteaing

    #209 The World’s Most Dangerous Plant

    Image credits: folowthewhiterarebit

    #210 My Piano From 1885 Has A Hidden Pop-Out Candle Holder

    Image credits: kermityfrog

    #211 Earth Worm With Two Tails

    Image credits: claspasp

    #212 A Massive Lunar Moth I Found Outside

    Image credits: CheezusCruste

    #213 I Bought $100 In Ones And The Bank Gave Me A 100 Uncirculated Star Notes

    Image credits: Sammyg_21

    #214 Fake 3D-Printed Turtle Eggs With Gps Trackers Inside, Designed By Scientists To Help Catch Poachers

    Image credits: anthonyhui

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