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    Farmer Spends Over $2 Million Building One of China’s Strangest Buildings


    A little town in Guangxi is home to one of China’s strangest-looking structures, a 10-story monster blending architectural influences from all around the world.

    In recent years, Xinxu Town, a small community near Beiliu City, has become recognised for a peculiar edifice standing over the area’s scores of mostly commercial buildings. It is not just far taller than most other structures in the neighbourhood, but it also lacks any architectural style.

    The majority of its spire-like towers have Russian-inspired domes, the central spire is a Western-style bell tower, and there’s even a teapot-shaped fountain that makes no sense. Nonetheless, the building’s designer, a local farmer, is willing to spend a fortune to see it finished.

    Li Jiguang, a farmer in Xinxu Town, is said to have spent 15 million yuan ($2.3 million) over the last seven years constructing “Guangxi’s strangest building.” Local authorities had planned to enhance tourism in the area by erecting a spectacular monument, and when he requested that they grant him with a plot of land and let him to make his vision a reality at his own expense, they agreed.


    Li appears to have designed the odd structure himself, and he intends to convert it into a tourist attraction where locals may unwind as well. Unfortunately, after having spent a fortune on it, the strange structure is still just 60% complete, with the majority of its interior needing to be finished. However, funds are currently limited, so the project will take some time to complete.

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    Nonetheless, the so-called Peasant Art Building has already become a tourist attraction due to its distinctive design and how it sticks out from the rest of the structures in Xinxu Town. Li Jiguang has forced to post warning signs to keep people out of his building since many guests would enter with complete disregard for their safety.

    While still under construction, the interior of the 30-meter-high structure is equally as unusual as the exterior. The railing is done in a French manner, and some of the rooms contain sculptures influenced by Chinese culture, while others have a futuristic vibe, with brightly coloured neon lights and LED screens. It’s a mix of styles and ideas that people are having trouble making sense of. That is, in fact, its key selling point.


    Since images and videos of the Peasant Art Building began to circulate on social media, an increasing number of people have travelled to Xinxu to view it for themselves. According to Li Jiguang, peak numbers are reached during the Spring Festival, when tens of thousands of people attend in a single day.

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