Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Ex-vegan explains why she now consumes raw organs as part of her diet


    A TikToker has revealed why she went from avoiding all animal products to eating raw organs as a regular part of her diet. 

    Erica Dobeck, who goes by the telling handle @EricaEatsOrgans on the platform, has racked up thousands of followers as she shares the details about her unusual diet, which involves not simply eating raw meat, but eating raw organs.

    It marks a stark contrast from the diet she was on just a couple of years ago, when she gave up all animal products to become vegan.

    TikToker explains organ diet (@ericaeatsorgans/TikTok)@ericaeatsorgans/TikTok

    In a recent TikTok video, 22-year-old Erica explained that going vegan was ‘really beneficial’ for her at first, making her feel ‘full of life’ and ‘energised’ as well as giving her ‘glowing’ skin. After a year on the plant-based diet, however, the TikToker stopped having periods and started to get ‘really bad cystic acne’.

    After a dermatologist advised Erica she was ‘really deficient in zinc’ and that she needed to start eating some animal products, the TikToker went away and did some research, which led to her finding out about the practice of eating raw meat and ‘organ meat’.

    @ericaeatsorgansFirst timer ##groundbeef with ##liver ##proceedwithcaution♬ original sound – Erica Dobeck

    YouTube videos persuaded Erica to try the diet, though she assured viewers she still eats ‘normal foods’ on top of the palm-sized serving of organs she regularly consumes. She explained she could cook the meat, but personally finds that eating it raw gives her a sense of ‘euphoria’.

    The TikToker said she views the organs as an alternative to taking supplements, and has explained the raw meat does not make her sick because she slowly increased her intake and is conscious of the quality of meat she buys, though she has previously obliged followers who pleaded with her to cook the meat before eating it.

    Erica’s unusual diet doesn’t end with organ meat, as she has also shown herself eating chicken feet and being persuaded by followers to try bizarre food combinations such as strawberries and cheddar cheese.


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