Drunk without Drinking?

    Auto-brewery syndrome is a rare condition that occurs when yeast in the gut produces excessive quantities of ethanol, which can cause symptoms similar to those of being drunk.

    People who have auto-brewery syndrome register abnormally high blood alcohol levels, even if they consume no alcohol.

    Although auto-brewery syndrome is a rare condition, a few reported cases have made news headlines.

    -In 2015, the BBC published a story about a man who claimed to experience symptoms of drunkenness after eating carbohydrates. When he told his friends that he had not consumed alcohol, they assumed that he was lying.-

    -Just one year later, CNN and the BBC reported that a New York woman was facing a DUI charge after she registered an extremely high blood alcohol level of four times the legal limit.

    According to CNN, the judge dropped the DUI charges “after being presented with evidence the woman suffers from ‘auto-brewery syndrome.’”-

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