Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    Drunk man breaks into a family’s home and poos in their kettle before falling asleep on the sofa.

    A family were shocked to find a stranger in their home after accidentally forgetting to lock their door – but what he did next was far worse.

    An anonymous mum posted her find on the Spotted: Yeovil Facebook Page, with pictures of the man asleep on her couch and evidence of his late-night antics.

    The drunken bloke had left surprises in her family’s kitchen with vomit on the floor and poo in her kettle.

    The wife wrote: “At the weekend my husband left our conservatory door open after I’d gone to bed and he forgot to close it.

    “Sunday morning 5am-ish my little girl goes downstairs to watch tv instead of waking us up but immediately comes back upstairs saying there’s a man downstairs talking to himself.

    drunk man
    A family found a drunk man laying on their couch talking to himself (Image: Facebook/ Spotted Yeovil)

    “I thought it was just her imagination, half asleep I told her to go back to bed and I go back to bed. Anyway, go down to make a cup of tea and make breakfast around 7. Turns out there IS a man talking to himself downstairs.”

    But when she brought the water to the boil – she realised she was boiling a turd.

    vomit on kitchen floorHe vomited in the kitchen (Image: Facebook/ Spotted Yeovil)

    “We quickly found out he had defecated inside our kettle as well as vomited in the kitchen, ” she added.

    Naturally, people responding to the social media post lost their minds, as it received over 2k likes and 2.2k comments in two days.

    One person said: “What’s life come to when you can’t even have a sh*t in a strangers kettle without everyone kicking off….”

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