Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Doctors Remove Over 1 Kg Of Nails And Screws From Man’s Stomach


    Surgeons at a hospital in Lithuania spent more than three hours preserving the life of a man who had swallowed more than a kilogramme of metallic objects over the previous month for unknown reasons.

    The startling example of a guy who appeared at the Klaipda University Hospital in the Baltic town of Klaipeda complaining of severe abdominal pain but conveniently omitted to mention that he had swallowed nearly a kilogramme of metal objects in the previous 30 days was recently published in Lithuanian media. An X-ray revealed that the man’s stomach was filled with metal objects of various shapes and sizes, including nails, screws, and knives.

    They prepared the man, whose identity has not been released, for emergency surgery and removed the metal objects for more than 3 hours.

    “We have never seen anything like this,” Algirdas Slepavicius, chief surgeon at Klaipeda hospital, told local reporters.

    Foreign bodies identified in people’s gastrointestinal tracts are pretty common, according to surgeons at Klaipda University Hospital, but the sheer quantity found in this Lithuanian man’s stomach made the case exceptional in nature. Approximately 80% of foreign bodies are cleared naturally, approximately 20% are removed endoscopically, and less than 1% require surgery.

    Although the treatment was not particularly difficult, the sheer number of metallic items in the patient’s stomach made it challenging. Doctors were concerned that the sharp objects would perforate his stomach and endanger his life, so they performed the surgery as soon as possible.

    Photo: Klaipėda University Hospital/Facebook

    The treatment took three hours to complete, during which they removed dozens of things ranging in size from a few millimetres to ten centimetres, including nails, screws, and blades. Throughout, doctors used the X-ray machine to ensure that all metallic objects, even the smallest ones, were removed.

    Doctors haven’t been able to learn anything about why the patient’s stomach was full of metal, but he apparently began ingesting the metallic objects about a month ago, exactly around the time he quit consuming alcohol…

    Following the surgery, the nameless patient is in stable condition, and he has received psychological support.

    Photo: Klaipėda University Hospital/Facebook


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