Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Doctor issued a warning about a common grooming habit that ‘can kill you’

    doctor has warned that a common act of grooming can cause a life-threatening medical condition.

    In a video he uploaded on his Instagram account, Dr Karan Rajan warned you should “never pull out your nose hairs”.

    Explaining the hidden danger of the common habits he says: “You have two types of nose hairs.

    “You have microscopic cilia, these filter mucus and send it to the back of the throat where it ends up in the stomach, and vibrissae, the big ones you want to yank out.”

    The doctor told people not to pull out their thick vibrissae nose hairs – even if they find them unsightly – and instead opt for a trim.

    Dr Karan Rajan explains the purpose of nose hairDr Karan Rajan explains the purpose of nose hair (Image: Instagram / @drkaranrajan)

    He says: “These nose hairs keep out large particles from making it into the back of the nose.

    “If you pluck these big boys, germs around the follicle can get inside, causing infection.”

    Showing a diagram of a woman’s nose and mouth, he continues: “Because of the danger triangle, it can cause brain infections.

    “That’s because the same veins that carry blood out of the nose meet up the veins that carry blood out of the brain.

    Dr Karan Rajan tells people to use a trimmer instead of tweezersDr Karan Rajan tells people to use a trimmer instead of tweezers (Image: Instagram / @drkaranrajan)

    “So if the germs end up back there in the brain, it can cause inflammation in the brain, sometimes resulting in brain abscess.

    “This is incredibly rare but can cause serious problems for people with weak immune systems.

    “So next time, just trim it.”


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