Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Desperate Brits rode steam engine to the pub

    After running out of diesel due to fuel constraints, a bunch of buddies rode a 5mph steam engine to the pub.

    Kitty McConachie had been out with pals for the day around a fortnight earlier when one of the group realised they didn’t have enough fuel to get to the pub.

    @kitty_mcc_xGotta get to pub somehow ##fuelshortage ##fypシ ##fypdoesntwork

    ♬ You & Me – Flume Remix – Disclosure

    Kitty, 18, and her friends use buddy Will Mansi’s steam engines for a lovely journey, demonstrating that ‘nothing will stop Brits getting to the bar.’

    The gang of 30 drinkers then drove down main roads, automobiles crawling behind them, all the way to their favourite bar.

    The journey, which should have taken only ten minutes, took well over an hour.

    @kitty_mcc_x##fuelshortage ##fypシ ##fypdoesntwork♬ original sound – Stian Barlindhaug

    The nursery worker’s video has since received over 389,000 views and 50,000 likes on TikTok, with commentators joking that “nothing will stop Brits from getting to the pub.”

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