Deaf TikToker Shares How She Wakes Up On Time Each Morning


    A deaf woman has shared how she gets up in the morning without the ringing of an alarm clock.

    The ringing of an alarm clock usually stops us from spending a whole day in bed, but not everyone can hear the annoying tones that get us up. Fortunately, there is a way around this dilemma, and one person who is hard of hearing has explained how she wakes up on time.

    Blakelyn Larkin uses social media to give updates about her life and provide insight into how people with hearing difficulties navigate the world. One of her most interesting videos is now being shared online, which explains how deaf people use alarm clocks.

    Check out the interesting video below:

    @blakelynleighHow I wake up everyday!😋🤟🏼 #hoh #deafalarm♬ original sound – BlakelynLarkin

    The video shows that an alarm can be set in the conventional method, but in this instance, the alarm clock is attached to a vibrating plate. The plate is placed in the bed and rather than playing a tune to wake someone up, it vibrates. Blakelyn also has a light attached to her alarm clock so that the room will be bright, which encourages her to get up.

    Safe to say, this insight has impressed viewers, and discussions about how deaf people replace noise prompts have been sparked. This includes an interesting story about a neighbour whose lights would flicker to let them know when the doorbell rang. Equally, one commenter was reminded of how they would use the vibration of a drum to wake up the deaf or hard of hearing at a YMCA sleepover camp.

    Other viewers have commented on Blakelyn’s impressive presenting ability. One commenter noted, ‘She should be a you tuber, something about her mannerisms and voice.’

    @blakelynleighHearing breaks are the best 😅🥰 ##up ##hoh ##deaf ##signlanguage♬ original sound – BlakelynLarkin

    Fortunately, for those who are a fan of Blakelyn’s work, she has a popular TikTok that covers similar topics. @blakelynleigh has more than 185,000 followers, and her videos have been liked 3.8 million times.

    It is clear that many people are keen to learn more about the lives of those with hearing difficulties. On the back of this, it’s a good job that channels that inform and give insight like Blakelyn’s exist, particularly when they encourage others to share their experiences.


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