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    Cremated Ashes Aren’t What You Think, Doctor Explains

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    You might think you know what ashes are made of – and to be fair you probably do – but it turns out there’s a whole lot more to the cremation process than most of us realise.

    Thankfully, a doctor has taken to TikTok to debunk one of the biggest myths about human ashes, and what he’s revealed has got a lot of people rethinking their future funeral plans.

    In a viral post, Dr. Karan Rajan explains that while the ashes that eventually end up in a cremation urn are indeed the remains of the deceased person, they don’t get there simply through burning the body.

    Funeral urns containing cremated ashes (PA Images)PA Images

    ‘When someone gets cremated, the ashes are not what you think they are. Incinerating a human body doesn’t turn them into ashes like when you burn wood,’ Dr. Rajan says, revealing that instead ‘you’re actually left with dried bone fragments’.

    The doctor then goes on to explain the surprise second step to the cremation process, and this is the bit that’s thrown people for a loop.

    ‘These bone fragments are put into a machine called a cremulator and pulverised,’ he says, describing the machine as ‘basically a high-speed blender that processes bones to look like ashes’.

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    Dr. Rajan’s video has had more than 700,000 views on TikTok, and reactions have been… mixed.

    ‘And this my friends is why I’m being buried!’ one person commented, adding, ‘I’m not a smoothie.’

    ‘That’s great… so I have smoothie a la gran in my living room,’ another person wrote.

    But others were actually pretty intrigued by the knowledge, with one person telling Dr. Rajan, ‘You are a font of information, thank you!’


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