Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    Couple’s romantic anniversary meal gate-crashed by a boat load of nudists

    (Image: John Wood)

    A couple have revealed how they got the shock of their lives, when their romantic anniversary meal was gate-crashed by a boat load of nudists.

    John Wood and his wife had been enjoying a meal at the River Exe Café, on the Exe Estuary in Devon, when they looked out the window to see several naked passengers waving at them from another ship.

    The couple were absolutely baffled to discover that the passing cruise was actually the Torbay Sun Club’s annual Nude Cruise, where naturists set off from Exmouth Dock with nothing but their ‘personal luggage’ – whatever that means.

    Naturists are encouraged to socialise and meet like-minded people, while onboard the annual event which sees people strip down to their birthday suits.

    The Nude Cruise takes place every summer
    The Nude Cruise takes place every summer (Image: DEVON LIVE/BPM MEDIA)

    Fortunately, most of the diners in the restaurant were bemused by the unusual sighting, however some voiced concerns over their safety.

    “My wife and I were having a lovely anniversary dinner at the River Exe café when we caught sight of a boat full of naked people travelling slowly,” John told DevonLive.

    “Reaction in the restaurant was mostly of amusement, and concern for their health as the wind was getting up. Luckily that was the only thing that was!”

    The organisers of the Nude Cruise, the Torbay Sun Club, describes itself as one of the biggest naturist swim and sauna clubs in the UK, catering for people of all ages and walks of life.

    “Naturism is good outdoors too and, weather permitting, there are plenty of ways of enjoying it on the beach or at many other locations,” the club’s website reads.

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