China Unveils High-Speed Train Capable Of Travelling At 600kph

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    China has unveiled a high-speed train capable of speeds up to 600km/h, according to new reports.

    The ‘magnetic levitation train’, known as a ‘maglev’ train, first emerged in the news back in 2019, with reports of passenger travel going twice the speed of the Eurostar fleet.

    The technology is currently being used between Shanghai Pudong International Airport and the city centre, cutting a half-hour journey down to just over seven minutes. While progress has been slow and it’s yet to be rolled out across China, cities like Shanghai and Chengdu are researching how an inter-city maglev line would work.

    At speeds of 600km/h (374mph), a journey from Beijing to Shanghai, more than 1,000km long, would only take two-and-a-half hours. As a result, the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) says the country is becoming a ‘transport superpower’, South China Morning Post reports.

    The maglev train rolled out of the CRRC in the eastern city of Qingdao today, July 19. ‘Welcome to the high-speed maglev train that runs at 600kph,’ a screen inside one of the carriages reportedly read.

    It works using electro-magnetic force to lift, or levitate, the train above the track without touching the rail, capable of running ‘steadily’ and ‘dynamically’, and provides ‘the most convenient mode of transportation for travelling within the range of 1,500 kilometres [900 miles]’.

    With hopes it’ll go into service over the next five to 10 years, Beijing is looking for the maglev train to ‘fill the gap’ between the country’s reputable high-speed rail travel, with top speeds of 200mph, and passenger air travel at speeds of around 500mph.


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