‘Cheat Codes’ For The Universe Are Taking TikTok By Storm


    We all know about cheat codes in video games, but what if there were actually ways to use them in real life?

    According to TikTok, its possible to do just that, thanks to a wave of viral posts about ‘cheat codes’ for the universe that have taken the social media app by storm.

    The idea is part of a wider trend on TikTok encouraging users to ‘manifest’ their own goals in life – claiming that by essentially thinking about something really hard, you can make it come true. Now, some users have taken things a step further, by telling people its possible to add another level to their ‘manifestations’ by giving literal codes to the universe to get what you want.


    They’re apparently known as ‘Grabovoi’ codes, and the idea is a lot simpler than you might think. Essentially there’s a whole list of numbers which help manifest different goals. For example, if you’re trying to get in shape, the code 8420692 will get you your ‘desired body.’ Want to be YouTube famous? Just write down 69719024 on a piece of paper and watch the new followers flood in.

    Grabovoi believers claim that there are a range of options for activating the cheat codes, whether it be writing them down, drawing them in the air, or just saying them out loud. Apparently, as long as you *really mean it,* the universe will reply.


    As with the wider manifesting trend, there are people who swear that this stuff actually works. The Grabavoi hashtag has so far gained more than 45 million views on TikTok, and is full of posts from users claiming the codes helped them get a flatter stomach, come across a stack of bills or even reunite with their ex.

    @ursediteduhm so that happened ##fyp ##FreeFreeDance ##manifestingmethods ##111 ##grabovoi♬ The Cigarette Duet – Tyree

    They might seem like just another TikTok trend dreamt up out of thin air, but VICE reports that there’s actually an interesting – if not slightly disturbing – history behind the Grabovoi idea. The codes are reportedly the brain child of Grigory Grabovoy – a Russian mathematician who once drew hundreds of supporters to seminars in which he claimed to have special powers that allowed him to resurrect the dead.

    Unfortunately for Grabovoy, it seems like he forgot to come up with a cheat code for ‘not going to prison’. In 2008 he was sentenced to 11 years in jail for defrauding the parents of children killed in a school seige, after telling them he could bring their kids back to life.


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