Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Cat Poop Brownies


    Cat Poop Brownies, as the name suggests, are Halloween treats produced by Singaporean cafe Nasty Cookie that look just like something you’d find in a cat’s litter box.

    However, in the case of Cat Poop Brownies, the Nasty Cookie bakers attempted to make the chocolatey sweets as “crappy” as possible. This brownie dessert appears difficult to swallow, to say the least, because it is shaped like cat excrement and laid on a layer of crumble that looks like litter sand.

    Singapore-based cafe Nasty Cookie has stated that its new Cat Poop Brownies would be available as part of a special Halloween lineup for a limited period (October 16 – 31). Anyone who is courageous enough to try them, or who wants to prank a friend, can buy them in boxes of three for $5.

    Nasty Cookie’s promotional images show not only realistic-looking cat crap brownies on a bed of crumble, but also a plastic poop scoop, which we guess will be used to place the brownies in the cardboard package. Fortunately, Nasty Cookie has informed everyone that, unlike real cat crap, its brownies smell delicious.

    Nasty Cookie is well-known for its out-of-the-box goodies. For this year’s April Fool’s Day, they introduced cookie nuggets, which are delectable cookies shaped like chicken nuggets.

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