Cat-Calling Could Be Made Illegal In England And Wales

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    Cat-calling could be made illegal in England and Wales under proposed government plans to clamp down on violence against women and girls.

    In a piece for The Times, Home Secretary Priti Patel wrote:

    We will continue to look at gaps in existing law and how an offence for sexual harassment could address those.

    I am committed to ensuring not only that the laws are there, but that they work in practice and women and girls are confident their concerns will be taken seriously.

    She continued:

    It is important that the police enforce the law and give women the confidence that if they report an incident, it will be dealt with.

    Anti-harassment organisation Our Streets Now has issued the following statement on the government’s response:

    Two years ago, this form of harassment wasn’t even recognised as a form of VAWG. Now it’s a number one priority, acknowledged and addressed by multiple government departments, from the Home Office to the Department for Transport.


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