Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Buffalo Horn Cupping Makes Users Look Like a Super Mario Character


    The benefits of cupping for stress relief, sports performance, and overall wellness have been hotly contested, but did you know that cupping can help you cosplay as popular Nintendo villain Bowser, nicknamed King Koopa?

    Despite the fact that modern cupping is usually linked with the use of glass cups, the technique dates back to 1500 B.C., when glass was not yet invented. Healers utilized hollowed-out animal horns to produce suction back then, and even though bamboo and glass cups have become more popular in recent years, some street therapists still use buffalo horns. The visual result is pretty remarkable, as you can see.

    People who seek cupping from street therapists typically experience dizziness, fever, and joint discomfort, but the medical effects have never been objectively established. Although many people swear by it, including famous sportsmen and celebrities, the jury is still out in terms of medical evidence. However, no one can deny that cattle horn cupping gives you the appearance of Bowser from the Super Mario video games.

    “There are therapists in other places who use glass or bamboo cups for suction but here in Jakarta we use buffalo horns,” street therapist Awin Saksena proudly told Storytrender. “Horns have been used in cupping for thousands of years as there is no risk involved and the warmth improves blood circulation in the body.”

    Many cupping professionals believe that utilising bull horns creates a risk of infection and cross contamination to the patient, thus they may disagree with his claims. However, such hazards are unlikely to deter true believers in the conventional process. It’s a lot less expensive than traditional medicine, and the operation only takes a few minutes, so you’ll save both time and money. What more could you ask for when it transforms you into Bowser?

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