Bride Gives Tip To Waitress Who Spilt Gravy All Over Her Mother-In-Law’s White Outfit


    When it comes to attending a wedding, there are a few dress code rules that guests would do well to remember, like not wearing black, as this can be considered unlucky.

    Most importantly, anyone other than the bride should not wear a white dress unless given express permission to do so.

    One woman who used to waitress at events, such as weddings, has shared the experience of receiving a £55 tip from a bride after spilling gravy all over her mother-in-law’s white outfit.

    The TikToker, who goes by the username chloe_beeee, told followers she briefly worked in silver service, however, her stint was short given that her dyspraxia meant she was ‘too clumsy’ and ‘always dropping things’.

    @chloe_beeee##stitch with @itsjuliannajennings ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##storytime ##funny ##wedding ##motherinlaw♬ original sound – Chlo

    It just so happens that on the first wedding she ever served, she dropped a hot boat of gravy all over the groom’s mother.

    ‘It was the only wedding I’ve ever served actually,’ the TikToker said. ‘I spilt a whole boat of gravy into the lap of the mother-in-law of the bride.’

    ‘Obviously, it was hot and it was everywhere but it didn’t burn her, thank God,’ she continued.

    Luckily, both wedding parties lived locally, so the groom’s mother was able to drive home and get changed. ‘I was young and I was beside myself, I was crying, I was so upset because I thought I had ruined this couple’s wedding,’ she said.

    However, it turned out her mishap had quite the opposite effect.


    ‘The bride came over to me, she shook my hand and she thanked me. She said ‘my mother-in-law shouldn’t have been wearing white to my wedding day’, and then she gave me a £55 tip,’ she told viewers.

    ‘When I see her in town now we still say hi,’ she said.

    The video, which has received almost 150,000 likes, has been flooded with comments from women praising the woman for saving the bride’s wedding day.

    ‘My mother-in-law told me she was wearing white to our wedding. Rather than give her the argument she wanted I wore a black gown instead,’ one person wrote.

    ‘Not all heroes wear capes, some carry gravy boats,’ another said. A third person wrote of the bride: ‘She probably tells everyone about the person who saved her on her wedding day.’

    ‘My mother-in-law nearly wore white to my wedding. Wasn’t until we told her ‘you don’t do that’ she was like ‘when did that become a thing?’ SINCE TIME BEGAN,’ another said.


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