Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard

    When one of your favourite snacks gets withdrawn and you’re left wondering what on earth you can eat now, it’s a bit depressing.

    Fans of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavours who have passed away now have the opportunity to pay their condolences at the graveside.

    You read that correctly, there is an actual ‘Flavor Graveyard’ where defunct Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavours are laid to rest.

    We’re talking about a literal graveyard full of granite headstones where small anecdotes recall past flavours. We realise it’s crazy.

    It’s a location where ardent fans may pay tribute to their loved ones and reminisce about bygone flavours. The memorial site is located in Vermont, USA, near the site of Ben & Jerry’s first plant, which opened in 1985.

    Nicola Simmons, from Ben & Jerry’s explained the origins of the graveyard, saying: “The Flavour Graveyard started out online, when we first began a website roughly 30 years ago!

    “It was a fun tie-in for Halloween and allowed us to combine fans’ love for their flavours gone by along with the spooky holiday.

    “Years after the virtual effort, in 1997 we repeated the graveyard in a 3D fashion at our Waterbury Plant where fans can visit, lament, and celebrate their long, lost favourites.”


    While the company has introduced a plethora of innovative and exquisite flavours throughout the years, not all have stood the test of time. Flavor exploration is fraught with danger, which means that less popular items may perish prematurely.

    The tongue-in-cheek graveyard allows ice cream fans to shed a tear or two in memory of their favourite scoops. However, miracles do occur from time to time when fans petition Ben & Jerry’s to’rein-cone-ate’ particular fallen flavours, and some are truly given a second chance.

    If you’re wanting to pay your respects but have feet firmly on British soil, the online ‘Flavor Graveyard’ still exists.


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