Anonymous Hacks Colombian Government After Police Brutally Crackdown On Protesters


    Anonymous has hacked the Colombian government following a brutal police crackdown on protesters, releasing sensitive data to the public.

    This hack comes after at least 24 people died during nationwide protests. The protests were initially organised to oppose a now-cancelled plan to raise taxes in a bid to counteract the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

    However, protesters have since expanded the scope of their demonstrations to call attention to the broader issues of poverty and police violence affecting Colombian citizens.

    Protesters attend demonstration in ColombiaPA Images

    As reported by Sky News, police violence has so far been connected to just under half of the 24 confirmed deaths, with the death toll largely made up of protesters.

    Colombia’s national police has stated that an investigation into allegations of police brutality will now be conducted, while Defence Minister Diego Molano has claimed that illegal armed groups had infiltrated the protests to incite violence.

    The allegations of police brutality and human rights violations have sparked concern across the globe, with 306 civilians having been injured during the protests, as reported by euronews. A further 85 people are understood to be missing, and there have been allegations of acts of sexual abuse committed by police officers.

    Now, the hacktivist group Anonymous has turned its focus to the Colombian government, releasing a list containing the emails and passwords of individuals in the National Army through the Anonymous Colombia Twitter account, adding up to 168 members in total.

    Just a few short hours after this initial attack, Anonymous claimed responsibility for the crash of the Senate of the Republic’s website, the interception of the National Police radio network and the taking down of President Ivan Duque’s website.

    In a tweeted message addressed to the civilians of Colombia, Anonymous wrote:

    Dear Colombians, we want to reiterate that fifteen hours ago we fully supported your cause, you are not alone, we are with you, our hearts are broken. We hope that everyone will return home today, the fight does not end, our fight is not over yet, we are anonymous, we are legion.

    In another tweet, Anonymous stated that it had confirmed ‘the censorship of thousands of Colombians on social networks such as Instagram and Facebook’.


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