Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Amazing Voice Transformation After Three Years On Testosterone


    After three years of being on testosterone, this man has had an incredible voice transformation.

    A TikToker has decided to document his journey with testosterone and this particular part of his transition.

    The transformation of his voice from the beginning of the video to the end is almost entirely unrecognisable.

    The TikTok, uploaded by @forrestfeels, now has over 4.6 million views. The 42-second clip starts off with the TikToker saying, ‘My name is Miller and I am five days on T.’


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    Following this are several clips logging Miller’s journey with the hormone, ‘This is my voice update: two months on testosterone,’ one clip says, while another starts with, ‘What’s up? My name is Miller and I am ten months on testosterone.’ He continues on the next clip with, ‘I am officially one year on testosterone.’

    The journey continues, ‘I am officially two years on testosterone and about two months post-op,’ to which he shows his post-operated chest.

    ‘And in about another month, I will be a few years on testosterone, so this is my progress,’ he says on the next clip.

    @forrestfeels3 years on testosterone today 🧿🎈 ##transgender ##ftm ##trans♬ Yellow – Coldplay

    In the final clip, Miller says, ‘Hey, what’s up guys? Today I am officially three years on testosterone,’ to which the video ends with him smiling.

    With over 940,000 likes and 18,000 comments, many of Miller’s followers rushed to share their supportive responses.

    One TikTok user wrote, ‘It might be odd but I feel like everyone I’ve seen transition, even partially, just…I dunno they fit their look now. Like this is their true selves.’

    ‘You can see your happiness levels get higher and higher with each video,’ commented another.

    A third user added, ‘AHHH you look great!!! Congrats on your third year brother.’


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