Tuesday, September 28, 2021

    A woman turned her medical quirk into a successful career

    A woman who felt self conscious about her medical condition has found a way to embrace it.

    Evelyn Miller was born with a rare congenital abnormality called uterus didelphys, which means she has two vaginas, cervixes and uteruses.

    The 30-year-old, from the Gold Coast, Australia, feared it may “hinder” her life at first.

    But after realising people were intrigued about her condition, she worked as an escort for eight years.

    Evelyn has also used her two vaginas to her advantage by joining adult subscription site OnlyFans.

    This has proven to be a very lucrative decision as she charges thousands of subscribers around £7 a month to view her saucy content.

    Evelyn Miller
    Evelyn Miller has made her medical quirk her selling point (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

    Evelyn told insider: “Once I realised it wasn’t going to hinder me and it wasn’t a condition that I hated, that’s when I came out publicly about having two.

    “It just sort of blew up.”

    Back in March, the star estimated 1,700 new subscribers signed up to her adult page after hearing about her condition.

    She revealed: “A lot of people want to see it on Only Fans because it’s strange – they [subscribers] can’t believe it – they say that they had to sign up to have a look, it’s crazy.

    “People want novelty and something different.

    “I don’t think anyone’s ever made porn with two vaginas before.”

    Evelyn Miller
    Evelyn is raking in a fortune from sexy modelling (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

    As well as excelling in her career, Evelyn is delighted to be starting a family.

    Despite fearing she wouldn’t be able to have a successful pregnancy, the OnlyFans star is expecting a baby boy.

    Previously, she said: “Not knowing if I’d be able to have kids, and that being pregnant is quite high risk, was really daunting.

    “I actually fell pregnant during a foursome – we were filming with two of my girlfriends and my partner.”

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