Saturday, November 27, 2021

    A woman implants a chip in her hand to unlock doors and cupboards without the use of keys


    In a video that’s both seriously cool but slightly unnerving, a woman claims to have a chip implanted in her hand so she can unlock doors and cupboards in her house without using keys. 

    Everyone’s been there, religiously performing the keys–phone–wallet pat down to check you’ve got everything, but I’ve never once thought about solving the problem completely and just becoming the keys myself.

    The TikToker, known as Chip Girl, shared a video of herself getting the RFID chip implanted on June 25, 2020, having been convinced by her ‘techie husband’.

    @chipgirlhereMy hand is a key 🔑 ##tech ##technology ##techhouse ##utah♬ original sound – Chip Girl

    The days of sneaking around behind your parents’ backs to snuffle through the sweets cupboard, or watch some television when you’re not allowed, are over. There would be no way to steal this key from this mum, except if you were to literally drag her over to whichever cupboard you had been trying to prise open.

    I would definitely feel particularly safe if the only way to enter my house were via my own hand, but the idea of having a chip implanted under my skin makes me feel slightly strange. What happens if it just stopped working and you couldn’t access anything? Is it magnetic? Can it be hacked?

    Well, TikTok user Chip Girl, @chipgirlhere, has dedicated her whole account to answering all these questions and giving an insight into what it’s like to live with the power to all household snacks, drinks and rooms, literally in your hands.

    @chipgirlhereMy hand is a key Q&A ##rfid ##rfidchip

    ♬ original sound – Chip Girl

    The initial post showing Chip Girl first getting the implant has amassed more than nine million views, and while comments have been turned off by the TikToker, followers took to other posts, some in amazement of the chip and others left sceptical as to whether it was truly real. One said: ‘Why you lock every damn thing in your house?’

    Another commented: 

    This is what I need for my kitchen and pantry bedroom etc. I think it’s amazing and creative.

    A third wrote: ‘This is literally so scary’.

    I’m still not convinced, and while I may sometimes forget my keys, I’m not sure about having a piece of metal injected into my hand. Do you always set off airport security? Also, if her hand is the only key to open and close doors, what happens in a fire?


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