A video of a dolphin attacking a six-year-old boy at the Black Sea Resort in Ukraine

    A shocking video of a dolphin leaping out of the water and biting a young boy’s hand has gone viral on social media. The incident happened at the Black Sea Resort in Ukraine.

    The short clip shows a six-year-old boy wearing a white tee putting his hand over the railing of the dolphin enclosure to reach out to the mammal. He dangles his hand in the air above the water. Moments later, the dolphin pokes its head out and jumps at the boy, biting his hand before letting him go.

    Watch the video here:


    The dolphin’s trainer said that it did not intend to attack the boy, but believed that he had a treat.

    “A hand, stretched above the water, means that somebody offers a treat,” Olena Komogorova, the Dolphinarium’s head trainer, said.

    Visitors were warned about the dangers of putting their hands near the water, officials at the Nemo Dolphinarium reportedly said.

    Image: Instagram/odessa_hello

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