A singer breaks record for lowest vocal note by a female

    A British Columbia, Canada, singer broke a Guinness World Record when she managed to sing a C1 note — the lowest C note on a standard piano — and captured the title of lowest vocal note by a female.

    Joy Chapman, of Surrey, said she has always had a wide vocal range, leading to her often being tapped to sing the male portions of songs.

    “Because I could sing so low, I was the resident male. But I could also sing very high as well,” Chapman told CBC News.

    Chapman said her niece encouraged her to go for the world record after discovering the previous lowest note sang by a female was a D2, the second-lowest D note on a piano.

    “I start my singing scales at C2. So she said, ‘you sing much lower, you should try for the record,'” Chapman said.

    She said it took several attempts to break the record, after facing problems including the low-emitter on the microphone failing to pick up her low notes.

    “Everything had gone wrong with all the tries before this one,” Chapman told the Surrey Now-Leader. “It was ridiculous, the number of things that went wrong.”


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