A mum with a tiny baby bump has gone viral as she revealed she gave birth to twins

    A mum with a tiny baby bump has gone viral as she revealed she gave birth to twins.

    Mum-of-five Becca debuted the bump on TikTok, where she revealed that at the time she recorded the clip, she was nearing full-term, but ‘still didn’t have much there’ in terms of a baby bump

    @nolanohanaThought I would give you all a view of the #pregnantbelly at #32weekspregnant still not much but it’s there!! #pregnancy #bumpupdate♬ original sound – ✨Keeds✨

    In a video that has since been viewed more than 320,000 times, Becca showed off her bump from the front, back and sides – and viewers were baffled by how small it was.

    “Listen, it may not look like much from the front, it also may not look like much from the back… but from the side? It still don’t look like much but we’re working on it,” she teased.

    Becca TikTok with babies
    Becca was 32 weeks pregnant in this video (Image: @nolanohana/TikTok)


    In a follow-up video, Becca updated viewers with how the labour went before she revealed she gave birth to twins.

    The identical twin girls arrived five weeks early, weighing 4lbs 7oz, and were perfectly healthy.

    Still in her hospital bed, she shared: “So… who is up for an update?

    “For those of you who have been following my tiny belly pregnancy updates, do I have a 35-week story for you!”

    Becca TikTok with babies
    People couldn’t believe she was pregnant with twins (Image: @nolanohana/TikTok)

    Becca joked: “I hide babies well I guess.”

    Since being posted, the video has racked up thousands of likes and comments from confused viewers.

    One person said: “Oh so we all here right now wondering how two babies fit in there, huh?”

    Another added: “Where were you hiding 2?!?!”

    “Girl you literally spawned a second baby out of thin air,” joked a third.

    Becca TikTok with babies
    Becca and her daughters (Image: @nolanohana/TikTok)

    While someone else said: “I’m sorry you looked like this with TWINS?!”

    But what her followers didn’t know, was that the couple had known they were expecting twins the entire time, but they kept it to themselves as they wanted to surprise everyone.

    On Facebook, she said: “Joshua and I have been keeping a secret from you all.

    “Eight months ago we found out our 4th child was actually our 4th AND 5th. That’s right, twins! And not just twins but identical twin girls.”

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