A mother in Australia made a shocking discovery in her toddler’s shoe

    The NSW mice plague has reached new levels of disgusting after a mother made a horror discovery in her toddler’s shoe.

    Lauren Lieschke, from Beckom in the Riverina region, looked into her son Enoch’s shoe on Thursday morning after he’d spent a day playing in the puddles on the family farm.

    The mother-of-four found a half-eaten, squished mouse, between his sock and the gumboot.

    Although Lauren, 35, has been living with the mouse plague for several months, it’s the worst incident she’s seen yet.

    “I’m guessing that the cat put it (the mouse) in there,” she told 7NEWS. “Because the mouse was half-eaten.”

    Lauren’s horror discovery this morning. Credit: Supplied

    She made the discovery after Enoch fell into a puddle while playing outside.

    “I stripped him down in a hurry so he didn’t get cold,” Lauren said.

    Later that night, as she was shoving his clothes into the washing machine, she turned the sock inside out and found the squished rodent.

    Perhaps most bizarre was the fact that Enoch, aged 17 months old, didn’t complain about the mouse in his shoe.

    With four boys under the age of six, Lauren said all her children have grown accustomed to the mouse plague.

    “They don’t really care about the mice or anything, it doesn’t bother them,” she said.

    “They don’t really understand the disease that they spread disease and the devastation they make on the land.

    “They’re a bit too young to get that.”

    They’ve been living with the mice for months, and she says a trap under her sink is constantly filled with mice fur and guts.

    Enoch wearing the gumboots where he found a mouse inside.
    Credit: Supplied


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