Saturday, November 27, 2021

    A man was shocked to find ‘human hair’ sticking out of a 100-year-old grave

    Man was spooked when he walked past a century-old grave and found a wad of “human hair” poking out beneath the tombstone.

    Joel Morrison, from California in the US, said he made the grisly discovery during a visit at the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery in Sacramento.

    The 37-year-old posted the video on TikTok and left viewers terrified.

    In the clip, he stands next to a grave and pans his camera around, saying: “So we are here walking around the cemetery and I am seeing something really f***ing gross.”

    He shows the headstone that has a massive slab of concrete and he notices a crack on one of the corners.

    Joel noticed a crack at the bottom of a grave in a cemetery in SacramentoJoel noticed a crack at the bottom of a grave in a cemetery in Sacramento (Image: Jam Press)

    “And…there is, eh, the person’s hair coming out of a crack under the tombstone,” he says, his voice trembling.

    “I mean, that is f***ing hair.”

    He zooms in and it clearly shows long, black curly hair hanging from the crack.

    Since posting to TikTok, the video has been seen thousands of times.

    One viewer said: “Y’all this definitely can occur, especially after heavy floods and rain. This can unfortunately bring up the bodies.”

    A second wrote: “Seems like they’re buried near a tree. A funeral director once suggested to not be buried near trees as something like this might happen.”

    He then noticed a wad of black 'hair' sticking out from the gravestoneHe then noticed a wad of black ‘hair’ sticking out from the gravestone (Image: Jam Press)

    Joel said he was not sure at first what type of hair it was, but claimed, on closer inspection, it was “definitely human hair coming out of the grave”.

    “After coming to terms with what I had seen I then started to feel bad for the deceased family members and worried about the upkeep of the cemetery, feeling kind of like maybe they were being disrespected or desecrated in some way,” he added.

    @kaitlynnerbeznikMy brother found this disturbing bit of hair while on an adventure to a cemetery! #t#umbleweave #c#emetery #c#orpse #g#rave #g#ross #w#tf #o#mg

    ♬ original sound – Kaitlynn Erbeznik

    “Upon further inspection I saw that there were many other graves that were being destroyed by squirrels and other animals and overgrown trees damaging the tombs and graves.”

    Some viewers said it could have been caused by tropical storm or overgrown roots from nearby treesSome viewers said it could have been caused by tropical storm or overgrown roots from nearby trees (Image: Jam Press)


    The TikToker went back to the grave the other day to find the hair apparently being pushed back inside the tomb.

    Joel added: “What looks like happened to me was there was a large tree very close to the grave and the roots from the tree had grown up into the grave, disrupting the concrete barrier and brick mortar, possibly pushing up the remains.

    “Then once the grave was opened squirrels, rodents and whatever other animals were free to go in and out. It looks like maybe they were trying to nest in the human hair.”

    Joel now plans to have a sample of the hair taken to the coroner’s office to identify whether or not it is human.

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