A group of women arrested by police in Dubai after they stripped naked to pose on a balcony

    Police have arrested a group of women after they stripped naked to pose on a balcony in Dubai.

    Footage was shared on Twitter which showed a group of women on the front of a penthouse apartment on the Dubai Marina.

    The UAE has strict laws on social media and anything that is classed as ‘lewd’ can be punishable by a fine or custodial sentence. It even extends to people sharing images or footage of the event.

    A police statement read: “A criminal case has been registered against the arrested, and they have been referred to Public Prosecution for further legal action.

    “Dubai Police warns against such unacceptable behaviours, which do not reflect the values and ethics of Emirati society.”

    The group of women can be seen on the balcony, in what appeared to be a publicity stunt.

    The penalty for engaging in lewd behaviour is up to six months in prison and a fine of 5,000 AED (£985), with police warning about making and publishing ‘pornographic material’ online, which includes those sharing the images.

    Credit: Twitter
    Credit: Twitter

    It added: “Any person who establishes, operates or supervises an electronic site and/or transmits, sends or publishes through an electronic site, gambling or pornographic materials shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine of not less than Dh250,000 and not exceeding Dh500,000.”


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