Saturday, November 27, 2021

    A Difficult-to-Swallow Taiwanese Delicacy

    Taiwanese food is popular all over the world, yet some of the meals it offers are difficult to digest even for natives. Consider milkfish intestines, a delicacy that is tough to look at, let alone consume.

    Milkfish is produced on a vast scale in Taiwan, not only for its meat but also for its intestines, which appear to be the foundation of various delicacies, including black fried guts and milkfish intestinal soup. Both are said to be tasty, but you have to get over the fact that they appear like roasted worms, and even then, eating fish guts isn’t for everyone.

    Southern Taiwan, which is home to the most milkfish farms, is said to be more familiar with milkfish intestinal dishes, which have become a local challenge for visitors.

    Milkfish intestines are quite perishable as an ingredient, therefore you’ll only see them utilised when they can be gotten fresh, and even then, immediately after harvesting. Because milkfish guts deteriorate even when refrigerated or frozen due to the enzymes they contain, cooks normally cook them as soon as they are removed from the fish.

    Most of the time, fish guts are discarded after the fish is processed, and with good cause. Milkfish intestines are not completely edible. According to one blog article I came across, in order for the intestines to be useful, the fish must be starved for many days in order for the majority of the food waste to be expelled, which presents some ethical concerns.

    Milkfish guts must still be carefully cleansed before cooked in order to remove all waste. They can be boiled as part of a soup, which looks just unappealing to me, or fried to a crisp in oil. Both are said to be wonderful, however I wouldn’t be courageous enough to eat them if given the chance.


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