45 year old woman looks so young people often mistake her for 24-year-old daughter

    Liza Gulyaewa has gone viral on social media, after she shared a photo of her 45-year-old mum who looks so young that she could easily be mistaken for her 24-year-old daughter

    We all get older and our appearance ages, though some of us are lucky enough to age much more gracefully than others.

    And there are a few who thanks to their genetics they just never look their age no matter how old they may get – but whether that’s a blessing or a curse, we’ll let you decide.

    One woman has recently gone viral on social media after pointing out how incredible her mum looks for her age.

    @liza_gulyaewathanks mum for good genetics ♥️ #fyp

    ♬ original sound – Sarah Cothran

    TikTok user Liza Gulyaewa shared a video with her 300,000 followers who asked about the 24-year-old’s youthful looks.

    In the clip, she explains it’s all down to her mum for having such “good genetics” and she shares a picture of her parent.

    Liza, 24, on TikTok

    Liza’s video went viral on TikTok

    Liza and her mum

    Liza and her mum

    She claims her mum is 45-years-old, but people were amazed by how much younger she appears.

    “People are wondering how do I look young, but look at my mum,” she says.

    Image: Liza Gulyaewa/ TikTok

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