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    4,000-year-old Mysterious Rock Formation Perfectly Split Down The Middle

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    The Tayma Oasis in Saudi Arabia is home to a 4,000-year-old geological mystery: a bizarre rock structure that has been exactly split down the middle with the precision of a laser beam.

    The world-famous Al Naslaa rock formation is composed of two massive sandstone boulders held together by a natural pedestal that appears far too small for its purpose. The flawless split between the two stones, which appears to have been done with a powerful laser beam, is what really grabs people’s attention. The nearly faultless split has sparked much debate on the internet, with some claiming that Al Naslaa is proof that ancient civilizations were more advanced than history suggests.

    What appears to be a simple crack at first glance immediately leaves people in wonder, as the break is so precise and straight that it appears to have been cut in half with a powerful laser. Al Naslaa is only one of several rocks in the Tayma Oasis with a distinct appearance, but it’s the near-perfect split that sets it apart.


    Since its discovery, the Al Naslaa standing rock formation has puzzled geologists and historians, as no one has been able to explain how it came to be. The smooth contours of the two rocks and the small pedestal appear to be natural, yet the flawless vertical split appears to be man-made.

    The smooth divide, according to most geologists, has a completely normal explanation — tectonic activity. The earth shifted only slightly, yet it was enough to split the rock in two. Other experts, however, feel that the split is actually a fault line, because the material near faults is weaker and erodes more easily.

    Some believe Al developed from a volcanic dike of a lesser mineral that solidified there before everything was unearthed.

    As previously stated, some people believe that Al Naslaa is the creation of an advanced ancient culture or aliens. While both of those explanations appear unlikely, many people assume something along those lines occurred, as the vertical divide appears to be too good to be true.

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